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Anyone still here? Haven't seen a post in some time.

Also - I'm surprised by the lack of Socom 4 talk... My ps2 died just before it was release, so I haven't played it, but I'm curious to get the opinions of you all. I've heard some conflicting reviews about it and I'm not sure if it's worth digging up another ps2 for it.
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what you're referring to as '4' isn't really... it's 'combined assault' which is basically an expansion pack for 3. it has all the 3 maps plus new ones with new weapons and options.

4 is supposedly being released this holiday season for the ps3 only (with a new developer as Zipper has lost the license)...

they fixed (and continue to fix) many of the glitches out there. I personally haven't played since the last patch (about a month), but that's more due to an enormously busy schedule during the summer/early fall
i hardly even play socom anymore, part 2 was the best, everything else just went down hill for me, i do like combined assault only for the reason that you can play the game missions with friends, scrap the ps2, and get yourself a ps3, the new ps3 socom game is suppose to have my favorite map, crossroads, as part of the next generation of gaming, i saw a screen shot, looks very detailed